4/10/23 Start Date Courses

4/10/23 Start Date Courses

by Jonathan Vargas -
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Courses that start today are Spring 2023 Session III

Please create only one account and use an existing if you are a returning student.  If you are having login issues please email ELT-MOODLE@NYSUT.ORG

You will receive an email this afternoon with all the login information needed to start your course.  To enroll in your course you need to enter your enrollment key.  The enrollment key will be provided in the login information email.

Once you have made it into your course, please remember to click and read the following documents:

ELT Online ExperienceAcademic Honesty Policy, and Refund Policy for Online Courses.  Once read your course work will reveal itself.

If you have not received your enrollment information please check your spam/junk folder of the email you have on Frontline (My Learning Plan)

Please be mindful, ELT does not have the ability to refund third party transactions. Before paying your tech fee always make sure you have the correct course/session/section/instructor before proceeding. Once a payment to PayPal is submitted, there are no refunds.

The Tech Fee via PayPal is just a gateway.  You do not need to open up a PayPal account.  If you Scroll down further you will see an option to pay via Debit or Credit Card.